Back Stretcher
Back Stretcher - DIVERSITY
Back Stretcher - DIVERSITY
Back Stretcher - DIVERSITY
Back Stretcher - DIVERSITY
Back Stretcher - DIVERSITY
Back Stretcher - DIVERSITY
Back Stretcher - DIVERSITY
Back Stretcher - DIVERSITY
Back Stretcher - DIVERSITY


Back Stretcher

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Back Stretcher uses stretching and acupuncture therapy to relieve all forms of back pain by decompressing the vertebrae and improving blood flow through the spine. The best cost-effective solution to heal Chronic back pain, Muscle stiffness, and Sciatic pain from the comfort of your home. 


Pain Relief. Anytime, Anywhere

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Stretching your back is a simple way to improve the health of your spine and release muscle stiffness. In order to improve the stretching experience, the device allows you to set up three different stretch levels for your comfort. 

Level 1 - Less Intensity.

Start pulling for a moderate stretch for the first-time user. Initial users are recommended to start from Level 1.

Level 2 - Moderate Intensity.

Moderate intensity gives the waist suitable lower back support.

Level 3 - Strong Intensity

Greater stretch for advanced users will provide excellent lumbar stretching.

Tips: Don’t be too quick to try high level before you advance to them.

Live Your Healthy & Active Life

Get posture therapy, back pain relief, deeper sleep, and improved mobility with the spine deck, designed to help you enjoy your life.


The back stretcher helps people suffering from chronic back pain to reducing fatigue, stress, and tiredness during office hours, long walk, sedentary fatigue, gardening.

How to use?

1. Place the base and the arch on a flat surface with the end of the base facing towards you.

2. Get on your knees to stabilize the base and adjust the wider side of the arch at the end of the base.

3. Press with your knees the end of the base and apply some force to bend the arch.

4. Finally adjust the arch to the level you want and lay on top of it to start stretching your back.

"With only 5 to 10 minutes per day, For 2 weeks of proper use. Back Stretcher relief back pain effectively. The best cost-effective solution to heal Chronic back pain, Muscle stiffness, Sciatic pain from the comfort of your home"

Posture Correction

When you are laying down on the back stretcher, your spine decompresses increasing the vertebrae space, allowing fresh blood to flow in your spinal discs. To improve the effects, our back stretcher also uses 70 acupressure massage points that boost the blood flow even more. 


You can utilise the back stretcher whether you're seated, lying down, or operating a vehicle. You'll be able to improve your posture when sitting.

Package Includes

1 x Three Level Slot Base
1 x Acupuncture Points Curve
1 x Soft Sponge Strip

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Frequently Asked

The Back Stretcher is specifically designed for the low and middle back. Now while, depending on your back size and type pain type it can definitely help, we do not advertise the Back Stretcher as a neck pain relief device.

The blue strap is on there for padding for your spine.

No, but it stretches you to the point where you can pop your back afterward.

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