Collapsible Car Bin Bag
Collapsible Car Bin Bag
Collapsible Car Bin Bag
Collapsible Car Bin Bag
Collapsible Car Bin Bag
Collapsible Car Bin Bag
Collapsible Car Bin Bag
Collapsible Car Bin Bag


Collapsible Car Bin Bag

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Tired of having an extremely messy car that continuously carries a horrible smell? Our exclusive Car Bin Bag was designed to ensure car neatness at all times. The best part of all, the mini trash can be compressed fully, making it easy to store away when not in use.


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 Durable Material
 It is made out of PU leather material which is environmentally friendly and odorless. 

Large Storage Capacity
 It has a large storage capacity that can last multiple weeks without overflowing.

 Elegant Design
 Our car trash bin contains a luxurious outer layer coated with leather which helps give it a stylish look.

 This can be used not only as a trash can, but also as a storage bag for storing other items, such as cups, toys and other accessories.

Available in Different Colors

Waterproof Design

Not only does it have the ability to hold large amounts of trash with ease, but it is also fully waterproof and ensures no type of liquid leaks from the bottom.
You do not need to worry about food spills or other stubborn stains as well because it is made out of PU Leather which makes it easy to clean. 

Foldable & Portable

With the special compressible portability of this car bin, it can be taken from one place to another with absolute ease.
In fact, it's as simple as applying pressure from the top to condense the shape until it becomes flat. The compact size makes it portable.

Hanging Design

The hanging rope attached to the collapsible car garbage bag makes it easy to attach to any section within the car. Not only is this product universal for all cars but also it can be used as a traditional trash can for your table, bed, and more. 



Question: How to install this product on my car?
Answer: The installation is simple, use the hanging rope attached to the car bin bag to easily attach it to any section within the car.

Question: Does it get unwrinkled?
Answer: Yes, the wrinkles on this product will fade over time if continuous folding is avoided.

Question: What if a drink leaks inside the bag, will it drip?
Answer: No, this product is waterproof and leakproof.

Question: What are the dimensions of this bag?
Answer: The dimensions are 16 cm (Width) and 20 cm (Height).